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Aram International established a division responsible for sourcing, dismantling, relocation, financing contracting, and transport and reinstalling the factories which are no longer financially viable to operate in Europe.   For instance in recent years due to gas market fluctuations the combined cycle power plants become economically less popular in the West Europe, most of them show loss in their financial reports and some of them are mothballed.  In other parts of the world such as in Middle East and Africa, considering the higher demand for power, availability of the gas resources, lower efficiency of existing power plants and for environmental consideration, these power plants can be the first choice of investors, power producers and companies. With ARAM, you will have access to carefully selected and reliable plants in the Netherlands and West Europe for affordable prices.

Generating value by relocating and reusing.


Depending to our clients demand and situation we can offer following services:


We work with partners in the Netherlands and Germany directly with factory owners who are deciding to stop their activities because of financial reasons or to to change their businesses.


We are working with world leader legal companies to be sure that the contracts handled by us for our clients and partners secure benefits off all stakeholders. We believe that trust and good contract are in essence of  any mutually beneficial and long lasting business relations.


With our engineering team and expert crew we dismantle the second hand  factories label and pack them in smart manner which make reinstalling process easy and efficient.


Depending on the case, our fiance division can provide financial suports to facilitate the transactions.


We can arrange the transport of the dismantled and packed   factories t any safe port of the world. Our client is responsible for getting required licences and  importing the machinery.


Depending on the request of the clients, our engineering team and expert Turn-Key crew will reinstall the factories.

Who are our Partners and Customers

During the time we have operated in the Middle East we have created a worldwide network between our partners and clients. There are many Producers, Manufacturers, Corporate and Business Owners, Academies and Institutes with whom we share connections.


Our strategic focus is on:

  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Factories
  • other industrial units
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Aram Group B.V.

Knowledge Provider

The ARAM Group is Knowledge Provider specialized in project control, project management and project management software. We provide industrial business engineers, professionals, project support and solutions to middle and top management

Aram International

International Service Provider

ARAM International is a West European established holding as international affair division of ARAM GROUP includes various groups, companies and partners which deals with all contracts, contacts and projects outside the Netherlands, providing full range of Trading, Project and Business services level and scales in vast range of field.

Aram Academy

Knowledge Provider

The Aram Academy is the training institute for project control, project management skills and project management software. We provide technical business administration training for people working in project support and middle and higher project management.


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Pay less , Buy a reliable Plant, Get it soon. Aram formula for your higher Rate of Return.