About Us

Aram International

Who we are

ARAM International is a West European established holding as international affair division of Aram Group, providing a complete range of business solutions including Consulting and Training, Procurement, Trading, Engineering and Project Management to its local and international clients.

Over 15 years’ successful international experience across a wide range of sectors and industries, has provided us with a worldwide network of qualified partners and enable us to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively worldwide.

Our dedicated team of experts works to ensure our solutions are tailored to suit our clients’ needs and help them to obtain their business objectives.

When did we Begin

Considering the growing demand of the international market, Aram International was established in 2002 to provide services aboard especially in the Middle East. Ever since Aram International has built an important link between Europe and Asia and created superior value for its clients by using a combination of local culture awareness and West European know-how and technologies.

Where our HQ is located?

Aram headquarter located near Rotterdam port, largest in Europe and third largest port in the world which enables Aram to provide vast range of Trading and supplying services.

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Our Mission

Aram has gained a substantial position in the market by providing quality services to customers achieved by up to date skill of staffs, clear policy, global network, fair partnership and excellent relation with customers and products owners. We will continue to work hard and close with our partner to keep our services up to date.

Our Vision

We have planned to create a worldwide network in order to provide services anywhere our client wants to as the reliable partner. Offering best solution both economy and technically are visible by having qualified and supportive team and partners all around the globe.

Our Philosophy

We have tried to create a competitive but friendly environment so all Aram employees feel like they are working for their own company. Fair affairs with our clients and honest relationship with our partners and customers are keys to our success. We want to be your partner not only base on your needs but because your trust us.

Why you should join us

By joining us, you have the opportunity to connect to our network and get benefits of knowledge and skills offering from all our affiliates.

Our partners

ARAM business Units

Aram International is one of the business units of ARAM Group. Aram Group has different business units all with their own specialism and different markets. Perhaps one of our other business units can help your business.


ARAM Group is Knowledge Provider specialized in project control, project management and project management software. We provide industrial business engineers, professionals, project support and solutions to middle and top management.

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The Aram Academy is the training institute for project control, project management skills and project management software. We provide technical business administration training for people working in project support and middle and higher project management.

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Aram Engineering and technology is mainly involved in industrial projects and specialized in innovative and alternative means of energy conception. Especially in the biomass industry, we play a leading role.

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If you want to join us or need further information, please contact us by filling the form or call us to make an appointment.