We offer a wide range of material specifications and type of valves covering Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly and Pressure Safety Valves. Our Worldwide network and close relation with manufacturers, real-time inventory management, full mill document and certification and continuous quality control make your project procurement more smooth and cost-effective.

Products We Offer

Ball Valves

  • S/F.S Floating Ball Valve, C.S/F.S Trunnion Ball Valve, Metal to Metal Ball Valve, Three Way Ball Valve, Four Way Ball Valve, 1 pc Floating Ball Valve, 2 pc Ball Valve, 3 pc Ball Valve, Wafer Ball Valve, Fully Welded Ball Valve, Special Alloy Valve etc.
  • Manufacture Standard:
    • Grade: Casting& Forged Steel Low Temperature, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex, Bronze Alloy
    • Special Design Rate: 150LBS~2500LBS Dimension: 1/2″ to 48″ (DN15 ~DN1200)

Globe Valves

Sophisticated carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloy globe, widely
utilized in process industries worldwide including offshore, oil and gas.
Also includes designs for specialist services such as cryogenic, high
pressures, large sizes and nuclear applications.

  • Bolted bonnet, no-bonnet joint, angle, T-pattern, Y-pattern and pressure sealed designs
  • Cast and forged alloy designs
  • Size range from 1/4″ – 24″
  • Pressure range from ASME 150# to 4500#
  • Temperature range -50°F to 1200°F
  • Class 150-1500 Cast Steel Globe Valve:
  • Type: Class 150-1500 Cast Steel Globe Valve Features:
    • OSY, Rising stem, Plug Disc Bolted Bonnet, Threaded or welded seat ring
    • ASTM A216 WCB,A217 WC6,A351 CF8,A351 CF8M, A351 CF3,A351 CF3M,A351 CN7M

Gate Valves

  • Type: Class 150-600 Bellows Gate Valve Features:
    • OS&Y, Rising stem, Bolted lengthen bonnet, welded seat ring, full bore stainless trim
    • ASTM A216 WCB
    • A357 LCB LC1 CL2 LC4
    • A351 CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M
    • A217 WC1 WC6 WC9 C5 C12
  • Class 150-1500 Cast Steel Gate Valve:
    • Type: Class 150-1500 Cast Steel Gate Valve Features:
    • Size: 2” ~ 36”
    • Pressure: Class 150~1500
    • Material: Cast, forge, ASTM, A351, A216, Alloy
    • Special material Design: ANSIB16.34, API600 API6D, API603, BS1414 Structure

Check Valves

We offer a range of non-return valves suitable for oil, gas, water, refining, power and chemical applications where the prevention of flow reversal is mandatory. Check valves can be supplied in wafer or full body, cast, fabricated or forged body designs for high-pressure applications or lined to meet specific requirements within the chemical industry.

  • Class 600~2500 Pressure Sealing Swing Check Valve:

Type: Class 600~2500 Pressure Sealing Swing Check Valve Features: OSY, Rising stem, Plug Disc Pressure sealing Bonnet, Threaded or welded ending ASTM A216 WCB,A217 WC6,A351 CF8,A351 CF8M,A351 CF3,A351 CF.

  • Bolted Bonnet & Pressure Sealed type Check Valves

Designed to ASME B16.34, BS 1868 and API 6D and Tested according to API 598

  • Wafer Check Valves

High capacity, swing type check valves for general applications

  • Fully lined ball check valves / sight glasses

These PFA lined products offer a reliable solution in hazardous applications.

Butterfly Valves

We offer full range of Butterfly valves with different features

  • Replaceable or vulcanized seat
  • Wide choice of seat elastomer
  • Fire safe or non-fire safe
  • Sizes from ¼” – 110″
  • Pressure range from ANSI class 150 to 300
  • Temperature range from -320°F to 750°F



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